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by lord snow

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unfastening my head from your nowhere rambling, I refuse to acknowledge my cravings for relations. from my forward-faced fronting you'd assume I am engaged. I am not present, time is irrelevant. I absorb your static as the pulse to my reflection. I remain emotionally detached from you with no intention in establishing comfort. I resort to my passive restraint-staying standoffish. I'm spitting out reflexes. withdrawn from reality, I revel in memory. I'm spitting out reflexes. Sincerity is fleeing. No sense in new greetings.
dark cloud 01:39
stranded in between nature, their beliefs. I've adapted to the circumstances. felt their palms on my back so I formed my advances. I looked my self straight in the eye. convinced my self what I wanted. convinced my self what I needed. conformed, to be ignored. I've been disconnected from that point on.
she loved the sea for the thrill of the storm, trapped in the current never returned. damn be the thought that coerced her in. mother at heart, blind she withstands. she chased a thought, whats been lost is a loss.
stormcloak 01:01
suppressed by their possessive demeanor, dictating lives with successive requisition. youthful ambitions that we've abandoned for obligations they have demanded. we have spent years circling the system we have spent years circling drain. grounded on faith for an escape.
my eyes deceive me, they will erase me--holding on to something unreal. all of my doubts is whats making all my time run out--holding on to something unreal....unlocking the fire in this suffocating atmosphere. I cling to inner consistency as my self proclaimed prophecy. self, deprecating my avidity for solidity.
corpse pose 01:09
criteria for success at the top of the wall, the world's given nothing of value so far. extrinsically you are on your knees. too take the pill, to take at will. prisons we build to find a cure. disease of delusional superficial. total surrender in the midst of intense suffering.
realizing that im recognizing the source of my afflictions is my commitment to emotion makes me question who's in control. am I losing my hold? I keep on insisting that these feelings must exist.
shere khan 01:01
unconsciousness. pain body take over conscious thought process. I speak in tongues from now on.
solitude 05:12
If anybody asks I am to be left alone. Alone from all of you and to the rest of the world. There is a difference from lonely and alone, to fill the empty void in your soul. But can't I find happiness in myself? Intrinsically self sustainable, emotionally free and available. The brain replaced by the ego, trapped in illusionary selfish world, constantly judging and falling short always. The mind will never stop replaying the past, the constant background static that perpetuates painfully all that I lack. "true salvation is a state of freedom from fear, from a perceived state of lack, insufficiency; therefore from all wanting needing, grasping and clinging" You see time as a the means to salvation whereas in truth it is the greatest obstacle to salvation. The visions that I've seen are merely pipe dreams of a god or a lack thereof. But what is salvation but a dream of a god or lack thereof. All the hallucinations, all of the time I've spent alone provide pain and sorrow followed by euphoria. Just like I came into this world, all by myself, I will leave here. The past cannot survive in your presence, it can only survive in your absence.
bb 00:42
I want the truth, you want to live in silence. I won't listen when you talk to me because reality is just a dream. When you speak the truth you've become aloof found out its right in front of you, the truth will come to you.


released September 30, 2013

Recorded Feb. 2013-Niko Zaglaras.
Mastered- Carl Saff
Album Art Layout- Ryan Lowry
Limited Edition Sleeve-Samantha Doyle



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lord snow Chicago, Illinois

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